2nd Hammer

Vehicle Purchasing Before … or After the Auction!

2nd Hammer by SuperCar Sage is a vehicle locator and transaction management service for Premium Plus and Premium Pro SuperCar Sage members. 2nd Hammer uses the owner vectoring capabilities of the SuperCar Sage Vehicle Locator service, but extends its reach beyond the VINs in the SC Sage database to any vehicle in North America.

If you would like to purchase a vehicle which has been at auction (or hasn’t made it there yet) – directly from the owner – we will locate the owner and negotiate the transaction for a flat fee of $2,350 USD plus 3% of the purchase price. A nonrefundable start up fee of $150 per VIN or chassis number is required. There is no obligation to complete any transaction absent a signed purchase agreement.

All transactions are securely managed through Escrow.com. Escrow.com is a highly trusted third party transaction manager, and is integrated into both the eBay Motors website and the ebay mobile app. Escrow.com fees are included in 2nd Hammer’s fees – there is no extra charge for this service.

2nd Hammer does not manage pre purchase due diligence elements of a transaction. Pre purchase management may be assigned by the buyer to a third party of their choice. 2nd Hammer will pay the appointed representative 0.5% of the purchase price if the transaction closes as compensation for their time. Alternatively, the seller may retain the 0.25% as a discount to their fee.

How it Works

  • Register for SuperCar Sage Premium Plus or Premium Pro Membership (required).
  • Log in to SuperCar Sage and go to the 2nd Hammer service request form.
  • Complete the form in full, sign and submit the form for processing.
  • Wait for us to run the vehicle owner search and to complete the owner contact outreach effort.
  • We will report back to you and proceed to negotiate the transaction.
  • When transaction terms have been agreed we will assemble a purchase agreement.
  • Once the agreement is in place prepurchase terms can be implemented.
  • Once the purchase is greenlighted we will set up the transaction in Escrow.com.
  • Escrow.com will manage the purchase funds and the vehicle and title releases.

2nd Hammer the Lowest Cost, Most Efficient, Vehicle Transaction Service Available for the North American Market – Never Pay Auction House Level Fees Again!


Buy The Car You Want Without Auctioneer Fees!