Who We Are

As a part of SuperCar Sage, 2nd Hammer is personally overseen by founder Mark Smith, a serial entrepreneur who has himself been involved with over $20 million in private vehicle transactions with some of the world’s most affluent collectors. Not a broker or dealer, 2nd Hammer is a simply a globally connected facilitator.

2nd Hammer History

2nd Hammer by SuperCar Sage was conceived as a service to locate live auction no hammer vehicle owners in order to purchase their cars – at a much cheaper cost than paying auction houses. With the advent of Covid the service was suspended as there were no live auctions. Subsequently, the service was relaunched to locate and purchase any car in North America.

Members Only

Only Premium Plus and Premium Pro members of SC Sage can acess 2nd Hammer service. Members can search the SC Sage database vehicle by build specification to locate examples they would like to purchase or otherwise provide us with a VIN. Members can also use SC Sage’s Vehicle Locator service to get owner information to pursue vehicles independent of 2nd Hammer.

Our Partners

Your Third Party Representative

We don’t manage activities such as document review, prepurchase inspection or post transaction transportation arrangements. We will pay your appointed representative to perform these services for you or provide you with a fee discount.


Escrow.com is a highly trusted third party transaction manager, and is integrated into both the eBay Motors website and the eBay mobile app. Escrow.com fees are included in 2nd Hammer’s fees – there is no extra charge for this service.


We use Experian to gather, analyze, combine and process data to help us to vector vehicle owners. Experian helps us to understand, interpret and then utilize data to best achieve the goals of 2nd Hammer and SC Sage members.

SuperCar Sage

The world’s largest independent database of Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren and Porsche vehicles. With over 70,000 documented VINs with vehicle specific data, and services and applications that are highly valued by collectors, traders, buyers, and sellers.

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